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Maegan Megginson - Opting Out of Capitalism: Can You Be Rested AND Wildly Successful?

May 26, 2023 Season 1
Inner Rebel
Maegan Megginson - Opting Out of Capitalism: Can You Be Rested AND Wildly Successful?
Show Notes

Sick of burnout culture? Are you a healer, naturally intuitive, or highly sensitive? Do you feel you have to choose between rest and success? Do. Not. Miss. This. Episode.

We're joined for a deeply honest conversation with Maegan Megginson, a licensed therapist, 7-figure entrepreneur, and dynamite business coach. Maegan, with her rich background in therapy and business, brings to light the pressures high-achievers and sensitive people face in a society deeply influenced by patriarchal and capitalistic values -- and how to opt out. 

After being awarded "The Best at Everything" at school, Maegan vulnerably shares the double-edged sword of childhood praise and achievement, and the lasting impact of familial conditioning and expectation on how we perceive ourselves and interact with the world.  Maegan offers insightful strategies on how to disengage from harmful systems that perpetuate stress, burnout, and low self worth. We break down perfectionism, ambition, and how to be a wildly successful without sacrificing self-care. 

Together, we explore the intertwining relationship between societal norms and the disempowerment of individuals, discovering ways can challenge and dismantle the systems that harm us. The episode explores the role of boundaries, self-reflection, and incremental changes to shift away from societal pressures towards a more rest, more success, and more authenticity. 

  • Maegan's personal journey as a therapist and entrepreneur
  • The impact of childhood conditioning on self-perception and self expectation
  • Being the black sheep of a family
  • Navigating burnout and identity formation in a patriarchal, capitalistic society
  • The role of healthy boundaries in preventing burnout and promoting self-discovery
  • The insidious systems of control that perpetuate stress and inadequate self-worth
  • The nuance between ambition and aspiration
  • Practical strategies to disengage from harmful systems and nurture self-trust
  • Challenging societal norms and dismantling oppressive ideologies
  • The importance of dialogue, self-reflection, and incremental personal growth

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